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The Lobotomizer (2015)


  1. Murderer In The Sky
  2. The Lobotomizer
  3. Nightmares In Action
  4. Gruesome Kings
  5. Drown In Equality
  6. Spirit Of War
  7. We Are Madstop
  8. Judgement Day

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  • Date Of Release: 3rd October 2015
  • Length: 47:10 min
  • Format: CD (LP version is coming soon)
  • Label: -


  • all songs and lyrics written by MADSTOP
  • produced by Dan Merger & Konrad Oeckel
  • edited, mixed and mastered by Dan Merger (House Of Merger)
  • drum recording by Leo
  • additional gangshouts by Dan, Leo, Bördi & Stuffy (Principles Of Merger)
  • cover design by SIRIUS:SEVEN Design (sirius-7.de)
  • bandpictures by Sebastian Rauer (ImgBro)