Lyrics: The Lobotomizer

1. Murderer In The Sky
2. The Lobotomizer
3. Nightmares In Action
4. Gruesome Kings
5. Drown In Equality
6. Spirit Of War
7. We Are Madstop
8. Judgement Day

1. Murderer In The Sky

In darkest night he´s spreading
Death is rippling through the air
He creeps in death like silence
Achievements of the modern warfare

The cowards assault, a gruesome story´s told
Imagination of the right
Radio control, a terrifying role
No warnings left in sight

Gods creation's burning
The troops of hell arise
See the eyes of a little boy dying
The murderers circling in the sky

Concealed and undercover
hunting like a northern shrike
The lies of threads in future
justify pre-emptive strikes

The morals were raped - impossible escape
No chance left to survive
1984 – no secrets can’t be hold
descried by the eagle eye

DESTROYER - Flying high for the eagle eye
RUSH FOR YOU – bearing down some crying lifes

2. The Lobotomizer

A servant army of soldiers made of clay
Forgotten beings, suppression day by day
From the day they see the light until they bite the dust
No satisfaction, doing always what they must

The desecration of nature’s masterpiece
Told by policy enforced by the police
Blunt existance, only nodding everytime
A sneer right in their face, do the most horrific crime

Wasted life eternally
Empty shells are never free
Lost forever in living lies
An awful life distorted by

Destructed feelings, no counteracting force
They're charged and guilty but never feel remorse
Never held accounttable – malicious deceit
We've got to follow, they're made and born to lead

Breeding on insanity
Forever lost they seemed to be
Calling for their cruel god
Following their chiefs a lot

Wafts of mist pervade your head
Haunted by the evil dead
Your mind is just a blackened maze
The passing of the human race


Piercing needles through your eyes
Slashing through your sense of life
No realize but only see
The orbital lobotomy

3. Nightmares In Action

The war is over now and no one is there
I killed the human race but i didn't care
Burning houses, children with guns
Cryin' mothers, lost their sons
It's a trip down memory lane - The nightmare runs

I lost my sence of life - It's inner pain
flashbacks torturing me - Confuse my brain

Dead names, no reflection
Kill, rape, steal
The fatal cause of action
Dead, names, real
Dead names, no reflection
Kill, rape, steal
The fatal cause of action
Dead names are real

Dark shadows everywhere - It´s hard to see
Dead voices through my ears - No way to be
I'm trapped in a cloud of horror - Prevents to be free
Burning thoughts of fucking torture - It's chasing me

In my darkest vision, nightmares alive
A triumph of violence, I fight
Burning shadows deep inside my mind
Only pain and suffering to find

Mind toxic through my vains - The madness calls
Malicious forces reign - My world to fall
Strange pictures in my head - There's no escape
It drives me insane - An inner rape

4. Gruesome Kings

Out today. There's no tomorrow for humankind - Make a beeline for our fate.
'Til the end - Eternal sorrow. Born and grown in never ending hate.

Close your eyes - You true believers. A uniform of blue eyed innocense.
In your souls - You've got the feaver. Recognize your inner tension's too immense.

We pull your strings - Bow to the gruesome kings
Break you down before you see the light. The fools survive forever genocide.

You're left to die - Face the reaper. Murder, execution - You are first in line
In our halls we will keep all. Want to see our death but this is just our time.
Striking back - So chicken hearted. Raise a bloodred smile into our face.
The homicide of the retarded will bring damnation to this place.

Let our people sing. Bow to gruesome kings

Face the reaper
We will keep all
Gods damnation

5. Drown In Equality

Your difference turns into equality - Standing in line, your abjection makes you free
Instead of determine your inner self - Emulating your idols off the shelf
A dreary sheep in a faceless flock - Forever caught in your master’s hammerlock

You want to live your life in a different way
Your entity will always be the same

All you care about is discipline - With biggest comfort you’re trimming your sail to the wind
Learn it later or learn it soon - The rat will follow when the piper calls the tune
Your well-behaviour, a perfect match - Follow your leaders ‘til you slipping off the edge

You’re swimming with the stream, man, you’re going with the flow
But now it’s time to realize your mind will never grow
Like a motorcycle that is running out of fuel
Pathetic being always living under the rules

You're drowning in your equality - No chance left to be free
Your mind is like an open book - Uniform is your look
So keep your garbage inside your head - Our words to be spread
Your rebellion is just a lie - You will go awry

Your rebellion is just a lie. Redundant ‘til you die. Your rebellion is just a lie

6. Spirit Of War

Down in the valley a raging fight - A sword unites what mankind divorced
The fog of war sinking, fulfilled with fear - Dismembering without remorse
One by one´s taking his final breath - Black warriors are fighting their war
But a sparkle of freedom will be reborn - glowing bright forevermore

Taking cover in the twilight of the night - Stalking the hostile lines
A moment of truth when he passes away - Deadly eyes and broken spine
Spelling your blood in this endless fight - dying too young, born too late
We´ve been victorious and dead in despite - this is our glorious fade

Dying for homeland, total despair
A Lamb to the slaughter and no one will care
Loosing your best friends, your ashes to pour
Fighting for nothing, an eternal draw
So heeding the spirit of war

The sounds of artillery hushed long ago - Remains will never be found
The tyrants stay laughing in a golden palace - Burning them down to the ground
A medal of honour on their crowded tombs - the funeral of a whole generation
Mothers and sisters were left home alone - The dead bodies desecration

7. We Are Madstop

Raise your glasses, come on, and let the party start
Listen to your cross and take the bitches hard
Gonna get your girl and rip her apart

Move your asses, come on, we gonna rock the night
You better stay with us or fuckin' step aside
Gonna walk our way and now we start our ride

We're the kings, the masters of the night
Stay with us or loose your rotten fight

MADSTOP - We're gonna rock our way
TOO HOT - It's just a game we play
NEVER STOP - Tear your life away
We're fuckin' MADSTOP

So join our party, come on, there ain't no choice for you
Never reach the end we party all night through
Don't fuckin' waste our time, you know what to do

Drugs and bitches, you know it's just the way we choose
Screwing skanky hoes and alcohol abuse
Now you must decide if you win or loose

We're the kings of the night, gonna win our fight
Madstop gonna rock, we're too hot, until morning light
Tall we stand, till the end to no man we kneel,
It's the chance for you to feel, our hearts made of steel

Running wild like a child, reaching our aim,
we are playing our game for glory and fame
Shining bright in the night like a rising star,
Never being way too far, with our screaming guitars

We're fuckin' MADSTOP

8. Judgement Day

Accused for treason - A horrible disgrace
Your self-importance but no one cares a lot
Be aware - Befallen by distress
Betray your own flesh and blood
Don't try to run, don't try to hide - Your nemesis has just arrived


Indictment calling and everyone see clear
The day of penance has recently begun
Deny the truth - A babe in the woods
Now the time for you has come
Your loss of humanity, will breed out my brutality.

Your judgement day has come - Atonement for your deeds
The call of destiny - There’s nothing to concede
It’s too late to beg for mercy - No more chance to shrive
Burn in peace forevermore - Your judgement day arrives

Your judgement day has come - my revenge is hell on earth
The divine revelation, doom the day of your birth
It’s too late to beg for mercy - No more chance to shrive
Burn in peace forevermore - Your judgement day arrives

In the fire of the damned you will burn
Feel the endless torments for your sins
Screaming loud - No one hear you anymore
The dissolution of your skin
Your end is near, now start to prey - Gird yourself for judgement day

Thy day will come - Our will be done
In eternity - Forever